feet up

Getting your feet under the table

You got the job and now you got it made. No more having to scrounge around to pay for that student lifestyle, you got a paycheque coming and that means mullah, readies, dosh. But before you settle back in to easy street you got one last thing to do. You got to get your feet under the table.

Surviving the staff night out

It’s that time of year again. The boys are rowdily smack talking and the girls are putting on their lippy. Whatever the occasion it is inevitable that at some stage you are going to have to engage in some form of social activity with your work colleagues in a neutral venue. This is a guide about how you survive the experience.
Storm Troopers

Joining a corporate faction

All you want is to do your job well and be rewarded for doing so. It might not be that simple. If you want to get ahead in the cutthroat world of corporate politics then you may have to join a faction. Understand the danger here.

Offering your time for free…IS worth it!

Offering your time for free can be the best way of getting crucial skills and knowledge. The simple trade of offering your time in exchange for guidance and a recommendation might just be the thing that separates you from the competition when the best jobs get handed out.