The day to day trials of earning a crust in the land of offices and fax machines

How to deal with awkward customers

Some customers are way crazier than you expected them to be When I started to work in the customer service department I had already known that there would be a "difficult" customer or two but to be honest some were way crazier than I expected the...
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Driving licence: Tips for achieving

Why you will need a driving licence? Being mobile is something you need to get used to. In the modern world, you will need to be everywhere. Either you or someone else will have to drive a car to get to most destination. You could suffer public tran...
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Getting to grips with the Routine of Work

Every job ends up being a routine in some way, even the really good ones. Learning how to manage the routine of work is a key part of being in a stable job and also achieve a work life balance. Get some really useful tips by reading this article.
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Getting your feet under the table

You got the job and now you got it made. No more having to scrounge around to pay for that student lifestyle, you got a paycheque coming and that means mullah, readies, dosh. But before you settle back in to easy street you got one last thing to do. You got to get your feet under the table.